Strutter of the Month

SWJ is honored to highlight a special Strutter each month. These individuals have shown their passion for dance and SWJ through consistently coming to classes, making themselves available for outside performances, and helping spread the name of SWJ to others. We are very thankful for our Strutters outstanding performance, superior dedication and positive attitude. This month we higlight........

 Tera Jones

IG: @teragotthejuice


I’m Tera Jones a 26 year old from Killeen Texas! Dance is definitely something I consider a passion. I’ve been in dance since the age of three and I’ve loved every minute of it. Dance has given me opportunity to go to college, to perform all around the country, and to be in videos etc. After graduating college I moved to Houston and began to chase my dreams. Dancing with Strut With J’nee has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The opportunities I have had and the training that I gain every week are so worth it. J’nee has taught me how to be more confident in my dancing and focus skills that will help me grow as a dancer all around! I love how J’nee pushes us every week to be better dancers and performers. The dance family I have gained from Strut With J’nee have become some of my closest friends! I love going to class week after week!