SWJ TUESDAYS - Beginner Heels

SWJ TUESDAYS - Beginner Heels

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A beginner level class that focus on the basics of body awareness in your heels. Learn how to balance and walk in heels, create sexy shapes and lines and whip your hair while making it look good. In this class you will learn how to let go, embody confidence in your pumps and unleash your inner sexy! This class is full of useful exercises to help you boost confidence in your heels. All of your questions about dancing in heels will be answered.


Recommended heels for beginners:

Pumps or Booties with a block heel.


Classes are held every TUESDAY 7-9pm at Houston Dance Factory.

5711 Hillcroft Ave
Unit D-3
Houston, TX 77036
United States
Rook B




NO REFUNDS: class credits are available for up to two weeks after missed class.