F It Up With Confidence!!!

Experience Strut With J'nee

Strut With J’nee is a confidence building dance class where our motto is "F it up with confidence."

Heels are necessary (but not required) , knee pads are suggested, & water is highly encouraged as we catch a vibe to some of your favorite music. New school, old school, fast, slow, sexy, ratchet...you name it, we DANCE it!

Strut With J’nee is an intermediate dance class that focuses on choreography, performance and body movement. No experience is required and all levels are welcomed.

My Story!!!


I absolutely live for Monday nights with Strut With J’nee ... I love everything about her class and her teaching style. She has helped me get back to what I love to do and that’s dance. I love that she switches up different styles of dance and the choreography is always bomb. I  also love that her class is a non judgment zone meaning you just feel free and dance. The class definitely hypes each other up ... and if you do mess up it’s okay. I always keep in mind what J’nee would say “FUCK IT UP WITH CONFIDENCE “!!!!

Amber Winn

I absolutely love Strutting with J'nee on Mondays. It's a comfortable space, good vibes, a WORKOUT in heels, and most importantly, lots of fun. This is a no - judgement zone class. You will get pushed, but J'nee is always encouraging. The dances are always cute and make you feel sexy. She most certainly never disappoints. Start looking forward to Mondays!

Kimyatta Anderson

Omg where do I start! I grew up with J'nee we where on the same dance team together in high school. Of course being new to different types of dance it wasn’t an easy process but J'nee always helped me no questions asked. She was always willing and wanted to help. I’m so thankful for J'nee and the fact that she kept dance alive and is willing to share her talents with all women. I’m back to my baby steps all over again lol but I’m enjoying the process just knowing that with her help I’ll get back to the bomb dancer I use to be. She doesn’t judge, she’s patient and she’s a great teacher/ Love you J'nee and thank you. I can’t thank you enough I live an hour so that should tell you my girl got it going on. Periodt!!!

Javon Stranton

I've taken about 15 of J'nee's classes and I enjoy them each and every time. I'm not always perfect at the end of lerarning her choreography, lol, but I see myself learning and progressing. Her class is all about fun and confidence and that's what I like most about them. My main goal is to become the best dancer that I was before, but to always remember to twerk it out with confidence.

Janae Booker